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Our privacy policy
Okurayama Studio (hereafter “the Studio”) has created the following privacy policy for the protection of personal data. We stress the importance of personal data protection to all of our staff, who are dedicated to the protection of our valued customers’ personal data.


Management of personal data
The Studio will maintain accurate and up-to-date personal data relating to our customers. To prevent unauthorized access, loss, corruption, manipulation, or leakage of personal data, we will take the necessary steps to maintain a secure, up-to-date management system; carry out all necessary staff training and education; and implement safety measures to ensure strict management of personal data.


Use of personal data
Personal data received from our customers will only be used to send emails and materials to our customers as correspondence related to the products and services of the Studio and to respond to customer inquiries.


Prohibition of disclosure or provision of personal data to third parties
The Studio will manage in an appropriate manner the personal data received from our customers, and, with the exception of the following cases, will not disclose personal data to third parties:
・In the case that the customer has agreed to disclosure of his or her personal data,
・In the case that the data is disclosed to a business operator to whom the Studio has commissioned work in order to perform a service requested by the customer,
・In the case that disclosure of the data is necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations.


Safety measures for personal data
The Studio will implement all necessary security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal data.


Confirmation of the content of your personal data
In the case that a customer wishes to confirm the content of, or correct or delete his or her personal data, the Studio will respond to such inquiries with sincerity upon confirmation that the inquirer is indeed the stated customer.


Compliance with laws and regulations, business norms, and reviews
The Studio, while complying with all applicable Japanese laws and regulations, as well as other norms concerning the safeguarding of personal data, will review the content of this policy in a timely manner and endeavor to implement improvements when deemed necessary.


Please contact us regarding our privacy policy by using the contact details below.

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TEL 0224-75-2105 FAX 0224-73-5125

Okurayama Studio Co., Ltd.
10-1 Kogura, Ohari Okura, Marumori-machi, Igu-gun, Miyagi Prefecture, JAPAN 981-2301
TEL 0224-75-2105 FAX 0224-73-5125